Want an effective career coaching course to offer your students as an alternative to professional programs?

ISCC Australia have 3 different courses to suit the needs of your student; Silver, Gold and Platinum. See how they can guarantee your students a job in Australia in the field of their choice by watching our video.

The Australian market place is very different from Asia, make your students stand out from the crowd, and from the locals, with our uniquely designed courses. They'll get organised, have a professional personal brand, get tips, tricks, hacks and templates, personal CV writing, market mapping, build confidence in calling, interview techniques, salary negotiating and loads more...
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Why are we here?

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A lot of international students come in to Australia and struggle to find work in their industry or area of expertise so we put these courses together to help you, and them. We have 10 years of recruitment experience and finding work for international students in Australia in their area of expertise.
We can help your students get a career in their area of expertise by making them organised, professional, aligned with Australian work culture, confident and proactive in finding and contacting the people of influence in their industry. Don't let them do what everyone else is doing, we'll give them the tips, tricks and hacks needed to succeed in finding that dream job.
We offer unique career coaching courses which have been designed specifically for your international students. The courses were design based on their feedback, from start to finish. They can take the Silver course online at their own pace, add additional personalised coaching with our Gold course to make sure they've got everything right and for that little bit more encouragement or try our Platinum course, a one-on-one approach which GUARANTEES them a job in your industry.
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